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“For me, playing great music is all about being able to authentically convey a wide range of emotion,” guitarist and vocalist Seth Rosenbloom insists. “I was drawn to the blues at a young age because that has always been very evident to me in the Blues.”


Critics have affirmed the fact that Seth knows of what he speaks. Rock & Blues Muse proclaimed, “The future of blues is in very capable hands.” Living Blues Magazine echoed those sentiments by declaring, “Rosenbloom’s ready to assume the mantle of a true electric blues champion,” Blues Blast Magazine concurred, saying, “Seth Rosenbloom is a guitar player’s guitar player. His ceiling is unlimited.”


It’s little wonder that the pundits were so enthused. The promise was evident early with the release of his debut self-titled EP and grew even stronger when his first full-length album, Keep On Turning, climbed to the top of the charts upon its release in 2019.


Seth’s new release, As the Crow Flies, builds on the strength of those earlier efforts with confidence and credibility, demonstrating why he ranks as one of the most assertive and authoritative artists operating in the Blues realms today. Recorded over the span of four days during March 2022 at Rear Window Studios in Brookline, Massachusetts, it found Seth himself stepping into the producer’s chair. The rhythm section was comprised of some of New England’s finest: drummer Mark Teixeira (Duke Robillard), bassist Jesse Williams (North Mississippi Allstars, Al Kooper), guitarist Ryan Taylor (Band of Killers), and pianist and organist Bruce Bears (Duke Robillard, Curtis Salgado).


Notably, Seth points with pride that his dad, Michael Rosenbloom, arranged the strings and played violin on a track on the album “Can’t Trust Your Neighbor.” 


“I wanted to bring a ‘live’ feel to this record,” Seth suggests. “We captured as many of the solos live as possible and focused on ensuring the energy was right for each song.” 


That attention to detail is both clear and convincing. Moreover, the entire album reverberates with an unrelenting drive and delivery. The riveting intensity inherent in the barbed refrain of “Did You Try To Break My Heart” is matched by disappointment and defiance shared through “Set Me Free.” “Blind Eye,” on the other hand, conveys its message through a steady sway and strut while emphasizing the bitterness of betrayal through Seth’s searing guitar riffs and expressly emphatic vocals. Those torrid feelings are expressed with unrelenting energy and exuberance throughout, making As The Crow Flies one of the most unforgettable offerings in recent memory. 


“Placing myself in the producer’s chair for this album was initially a challenge,” Seth reflects. “Yet having learned so much from working with Josh Smith on my last album. I felt up to the task, and thanks to a great team, it worked out even better than I could have anticipated.” 


Then again, Seth’s no stranger to making music. Born into a musical family and raised just west of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts, he began playing classical violin as a child and subsequently took up guitar at age eleven. Initially inspired by the music of Elvis and The Beatles, he earned a performance merit scholarship from Berklee College of Music by the time he was 16.


After spending a few years as an active sideman and in-demand clinician, Seth further expanded his reputation by spending much of the last few years on the road, introducing himself to newly enthusiastic audiences while demonstrating at each stop his clear commitment to his craft and his ability to share his verve and versatility. He’s toured all over the U.S. and the U.K. and even shared a stage with Joe Bonamassa. Whether demonstrating his dazzling guitar riffs and stinging vibrato or emoting with his soaring and sultry vocals, he brings a distinctive power and personality to each of his performances. That ability is again underscored with the soaring sentiments expressed through As the Crow Flies.

Seth proudly plays:
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